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PORTFOLIO: Genital Warts



Genital Warts
This is an illustration intended for a 2D spread to educate the general public on the pathology of genital warts. It was important for the text to summarize a broad aspect of this condition using language appropriate for those who do not have a background in science. Vibrant colours were used to draw in the attention of the reader. Due to the nature of the topic, extra care was taken in not illustrating anything too graphic or explicit.
Adobe Photoshop CS5.5, Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
General public


A rough color and lighting study was created to serve as a guideline for the overall image. A semi-rendered sketch was created using Adobe Photoshop, and rough labels were added in Adobe Illustrator. Pathologists were consulted with to ensure the accuracy of the visuals and text. The final rendering and labels were then created based on feedback from pathologists.

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