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PORTFOLIO: The Case of Katie Da Silva

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The Case of Katie Da Silva (Click to open in new window)
This interface is the product of an exercise in creating tools to be used by forensic anthropologists in the courtroom as demonstrative evidence. Relevant photos, images, and reports of the case were provided. Strategies for increasing the admissibility of demonstrative evidence were used during the production of this tool. This interface was a collaborative effort between Memori Otsuka, Tobi Lam, and myself.
Adobe Flash Professionl CS5.5, Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, Adobe Fireworks CS5.5
Members of the jury


Group members brainstormed ideas for a layout. An interactive prototype was then created in Adobe Fireworks using the chosen layout.

The interface was further refined, and illustrations used in the interface were completed in Adobe Illustrator. The fully functional interface was created in Adobe Flash and programmed in ActionScript 3.0

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